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Genuine Mercedes-Benz Car Parts from our Friendly Staff

Once you experience Mercedes-Benz quality, you'll never wish to compromise it. That's why we encourage you always to service your Mercedes-Benz with Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Your vehicle will retain more of its value, and it will continue to provide all the comfort, style, performance and security you expect from a Mercedes-Benz. Imitation or after-market parts can compromise quality and affect the performance of your Mercedes-Benz. 

With Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, you get the craftsmanship, performance, safety and value upon which we've built our reputation. We designed your Mercedes-Benz using the most advanced technology and we know every last nut and bolt intimately, which is why we can offer the best replacement parts for your vehicle. Protect the value and preserve the performance of your investment. Insist on Genuine Mercedes-Benz Car Parts.

With access to over 100,000 parts, Mercedes-Benz retailers offer the best selection of Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.

And when you choose Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts, you enjoy the reassurance that comes with our Vehicle Service Parts Limited Warranty*:
  • 12 months, unlimited mileage
  • 24 months or 24,000 miles for transmissions
  • 48 months or 50,000 miles for engine and long blocks (same coverage as for a new Mercedes-Benz)

Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts

While any accident is unfortunate, knowing that Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts can help restore your Mercedes-Benz to its original condition helps ease the upset. If ever your vehicle requires collision repair parts, bear in mind that Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts are the only replacement parts manufactured, tested and approved by Mercedes-Benz.
With Genuine Mercedes-Benz Collision Parts, you get
  • Precisely fitting parts made from the correct grade of steel and (unlike many non-original parts) engineered to fit Mercedes-Benz standards every single time
  • Parts that result in a superior finish (because they require less surfacing, blocking and priming)
  • Parts that are zincro-plated (an electro-statically applied coating of rust-inhibiting zinc) in order to meet our strict anticorrosion requirements
  • Assurance that your vehicle will maintain the manufacturer-specified safety benefits it had when new
  • Parts that are routinely tested to ensure they meet exacting Mercedes-Benz standards
  • Minor trim items unavailable through other sources
  • Vehicle Service Parts Limited Warranty protection*

Re-manufactured Parts

MBUSA, LLC offers a complete line of remanufactured parts for vehicles 1980 and newer - over 700 parts in 20 different product lines. All of our remanufactured parts are certified Genuine Mercedes-Benz, so you'll know you're getting the best parts for your vehicle.
Remanufactured parts cover the three major components of your vehicle: the powertrain (i.e., the engine), the drivetrain (which includes the transmission, drive wheel axles and transfer cases) and rotating electrical parts (such as starters and alternators).
Genuine Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts set the standards for quality, reliability and value - standards that non-original aftermarket parts simply cannot match.
We build our remanufactured parts to stringent factory standards using only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. Unlike aftermarket remanufactured parts, which may be assembled using whatever parts happen to be available, every part we use to build a Genuine Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Part is exactly the part the factory intended. And we replace components that fail to meet our strict standards with new Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts.
We're so confident about the quality of our remanufactured engines, we offer the best available warranty*. On remanufactured engines, we offer the same limited warranty of 48 months/50,000 miles that we offer with new engines. Every MB remanufactured transmission is backed by a 24-month/24,000-mile limited warranty.
With Mercedes-Benz Remanufactured Parts, you get:
  • Top-quality, reliable parts at a fraction of the cost of new parts
  • Reduced waiting time, because Mercedes-Benz Retail Centers stock most parts
  • Unparalleled selection, as MBUSA, LLC and Mercedes-Benz
  • Retail Centers offer the most comprehensive assortment of remanufactured parts available for Mercedes-Benz vehicles
  • Potentially increased resale value for your Mercedes-Benz
  • Reduced environmental impact, because remanufactured parts re-use materials and require less energy to produce than new parts

Classic Car Parts in Fort Myers, FL

Mercedes-Benz is among the most venerable names in automotive history. From the original automobile, Karl Benz's Patent Motorwagen in 1886, to the Model Year 2002 lineup, our products have always been crafted in accordance with a simple rule: Die Besten oder Nichts - "the best, or nothing."
The quality that made our reputation and the passion that Mercedes-Benz owners have for their automobiles keep our cars on the road longer. That's why Mercedes-Benz makes a commitment to providing parts for Mercedes-Benz Classic Cars (vehicles at least 20 years out of production). We recognize the special challenges for owners of Classic Cars when it comes to parts replacement.

The Mercedes-Benz factory in Germany stocks several thousand parts for classic vehicles. In addition, you have access to more than 10,000 rare parts for classic cars through the Classic Car Center in Fellbach, Germany. And because we're always enhancing the ordering process for Mercedes-Benz Classic Car Parts, we've minimized the wait time for these hard-to-find parts. In fact, we can normally respond to inquiries regarding pricing and availability within 48 hours.

Technical Assistance
Classic car specialists armed with a complete set of technical data are now on call between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time Monday through Friday at a toll free phone number - 1-866-MBCLASSIC (622-5277) - to provide you with spare parts information for classic Mercedes-Benz cars. Once provided with your car's chassis number or VIN, a classic car specialist can determine the genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement part needed, along with its part number, check availability and price, and obtain the phone number for the parts department at the nearest Mercedes-Benz dealer to place an order and take delivery of the part. Inquiries can also be forwarded via e-mail to

Investment Protection
As a classic Mercedes-Benz owner, you want to protect the value of your automobile, especially if you're trying to restore or maintain a vehicle in Concours condition. All of our Classic Car Parts are new, certified Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts. This helps ensure your classic car is forever genuine. We also take steps to make sure parts such as wood trim and fabrics match your existing parts, something you simply can't expect from after-market sources. And each Classic Car Part is backed by our standard replacement-part limited warranty: one year, unlimited mileage*.

Our Parts department is always ready to help you out whether you simply have a question or wish to place an order for a new part. Place an order using our online form or contact our parts department if you have any additional questions.

Southwest Florida Mercedes-Benz Car Parts - Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers

Our Fort Myers Mercedes-Benz car parts department has a comprehensive selection of auto parts and accessories at competitive prices. We have tires, mufflers, rims, brakes, mirrors, gauges, air conditioning parts, floor mats, transmissions, engine parts, bumpers, grilles, and hoods - everything your vehicle could ever need.

The Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers auto parts department is ready to serve all your needs for Mercedes-Benz auto parts in Fort Myers. With our huge parts inventory, we probably have the car part you need in stock now. If we don't, we can get it quickly. Order your auto parts right now by using Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers's onlineparts order form.

Take a look at our auto parts specials for current discounts on our selection of car parts and accessories in Fort Myers for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

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