The Mercedes-Benz E-Class Sedan is a Current Showcase of Partially Autonomous Capability

While the F 015 Luxury in Motion (which we talked about in our last post) is years from production, we're already seeing similar technology at work in Mercedes-Benz vehicles. The E-Class sedan is a great example.

You can opt for an impressive array of driver-assistance features which make the Mercedes-Benz E-Class sedan, in essence, a partially autonomous car.

DRIVE PILOT keeps you in your lane and at a safe following distance from the cars ahead while you enjoy cruise control on the highway. Car-to-X technology allows your E-Class sedan to communicate with other Mercedes-Benz vehicles, sharing warnings about potential hazards or roadblocks on your route.

The E-Class sedan can even help protect your hearing if a loud collision is imminent. Mercedes-Benz has developed technology to protect you in every possible way, and it's why we are so confident in the success of the brand's future autonomous vehicles.

If you're interested in test driving this impressive, ahead-of-its-time car, please visit Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers. We'd love to get you behind the wheel of a luxurious, technologically advanced E-Class Mercedes-Benz.

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