It's Never Too Early to Give Your Kids a Top-of-the-Line Mercedes-Benz

Actually, according to the box, you should at least wait until your kid is seven years old, probably due to all the small bits and pieces. But if your children are old enough to stop exploring the whole world via their taste buds, you can treat them to a tiny version of one of the world's coolest supercars.

And yes, of course you can also treat yourself to this miniaturized icon of automotive performance, regardless of age or parental status. Most of us grew up with these ubiquitous building bricks, and we love seeing which cars Lego will reproduce next.

Craig Callum, car designer extraordinaire and confirmed gearhead, is the design manager of the Speed Champions Lego lineup. He's done a great job turning the sleek and curvy Mercedes-AMG GT coupe into a Lego version, complete with an interchangeable low downforce front end.

Do you have the Mercedes-AMG GT in your Lego collection? And if you have children- are they allowed to play with it, too?

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