Mercedes-AMG Invites You to Drive DTM Race Series

Virtually, that is. Mercedes-AMG is organizing an online series of video game racing that will exactly match the real life DTM (Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters) race series.

If you’ve ever wished you could win real prizes for your video game racing skills, you’re in luck. This series is happening on the RaceRoom game on Steam, and the series champion is in for a treat. (For the unfamiliar, RaceRoom is a game which mimics real racetracks and cars, and Steam is a popular web-based gaming platform.)

With each round, racers will get practice time and will have to qualify for the main event. Only the top 17 finishers will make it to the starting line, so brush up those gaming skills! The last round of the DTM series, both real and virtual, is in Hockenheim, Germany. Mercedes-AMG will bring the top six virtual drivers of the series standings to Hockenheim for the real event, providing VIP passes for the race weekend, accommodations, and travel.

The virtual drivers will participate in their final race right in the Mercedes-AMG VIP area. The series champion wins a real-life racetrack coaching experience, to see if those e-racing skills are transferable to the real world! With training from a Mercedes-AMG brand ambassador like Bernd Schneider or Karl Wendlinger, the championship prize package is tempting a lot of us here at the dealership to take up video gaming...

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