Whether You’re Closer to Lake Garda or Lakes Regional Park, You’ll Love the Mercedes-Benz AMG C43

It would be nice to head over to Italy and explore the countryside in a new Mercedes-Benz, but busy schedules and limited resources don’t allow us all to take off at the drop of a hat!

The Mercedes-Benz AMG C43 Cabriolet doesn’t need to be in front of ancient Italian architecture to be appreciated, though. It looks good wherever it goes, and you’ll love it for your Fort Myers commute as much as you love taking it on leisurely-but-lively jaunts each weekend.

Push the C43 Cabriolet to its 362-horsepower, 384-pound-feet limits, and you’ll be glad it has powerful, high-performance brakes to match its get-up-and-go. Handling is responsive, smooth, and downright dreamy.

In the cockpit, you’ll be enthralled with the clean, elegant cabin and console design. A range of attractive upholstery and trim options allow you to choose a stylish interior that suits your tastes.

Please be in touch with us if you’re interested in learning more about this dynamic convertible.

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