Mercedes-Benz 4MATIC® and a Snowy Movie Date

While the weather is very different here in Fort Myers, many of us remember what it was like to go on our first date, similar to this young man in Mercedes-Benz’s new advertisement. Nervous, possibly sweating, hoping that they would actually show up, wondering what you would say if they did. All of those sensations blended together into a perfect storm of emotion.

And while snow may not be an immediate issue for us here, the weather still tends to play tricks on us. When the powder-blue sky gives way to gray clouds, and those clouds open up on us down below, it’s important to have a new vehicle that’s reliable no matter what. And, if you happen to be traveling to one of the snowier states up north, it doesn’t hurt to have a car prepared for anything. Because the 4MATIC® isn’t just a car built for a snow, it’s a car built for every season, and every weather pattern, and it was built with one goal in mind: to get you to your destination as safely as possible. Here at the Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers, we want you to have the best vehicle that’s going to keep you safe. Stop by our dealership in Fort Myers, FL and we will find you that vehicle.
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