Everything and the kitchen sink comes standard with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Only Mercedes-Benz vehicles could be described as having "endless" available features. While that's a bit of an exaggeration for dramatic effect, the sentiment isn't too far off from the truth, which is that the brand produces some of the most generously-equipped models on the market.


Take the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, for example. This full-size luxury sedan is packed to the panoramic sunroof with luxurious amenities like standard LED adaptive headlights, a cabin fragrance system, adjustable air suspension, automatic parallel parking system, in-car WiFi, 13-speaker surround sound system ... there's so much technology woven into the very fibers of the base S 550 model that we really don't know where to begin explaining it all.


This is one well-appointed ride that you just have to experience for yourself in order to be able to take it all in. No laundry list of features is going to do this breathtaking cabin justice. As such, we encourage you to stop by the Mercedes-Benz of Fort Myers showroom at your convenience to grab the keys to your favorite model. Can't manage the trip today? We've included a review of the latest model from the critics at the Fast Lane Car below for more information:

Think the S-Class is a bit much for your budget? Check out the Mercedes-Benz E Class midsize luxury sedan, which for 2016 pairs down its AMG lineup to the E 63 AMG S sedan and wagon. It also comes with numerous advanced safety and entertainment features, so you won't be sacrificing a thing when you save with the E-Class sedan. Simply stop by our dealership today to see it for yourself.


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