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Why Your Vehicle Needs Engine Cooling & Radiator Service

Your vehicle's engine produces a lot of heat. Thousands of degrees, as a matter of fact. With all of this heat trapped under the hood, a properly functioning cooling system is imperative.

The cooling system works much like the human body's circulatory system. Coolant, also known as anti-freeze, travels through a system of hoses that is powered by the water pump. The coolant cycles through the radiator which uses cooling fins to allow the coolant to release the heat it has absorbed from the engine. After that, it goes in for another round. 

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Keep up With Tire Maintenance

If you're planning an upcoming trip with your favorite friends in the months ahead, you should be aware of any problems lurking with the important parts of your vehicle. Doing so could stop the headache of having cancellations just to get parts serviced and updated. A visual evaluation of all four of your tires is of utmost importance.

Notice any wear on the sidewalls of your tires? If so, the fastest and easiest way to get them replaced is to have service done at the earliest time possible. 

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