2018 Mercedes-Benz Inventory Leftover!

Take Advantage of Leftover 2018 New Mercedes-Benz Models in Fort Myers

Everyone wants a new Mercedes-Benz but no one wants to pay the full price for it. There are a number of different ways that folks cut the costs of buying a Mercedes-Benz. Some of the most common ways to save money in the car-buying process are:

  • Buying Pre-Owned: A pre-owned Mercedes-Benz tends to cost less than a new one right off of the lot. That means instant savings so you can enjoy more of the things you love, like shopping at the Edison Mall or golfing at the Whiskey Creek Country Club.
  • Utilizing Specials: Our Mercedes-Benz dealership commonly offers a variety of specials. These specials are designed to save you money in the car-buying process. They can range from lower down payments to lower interest rates.
  • Buying Leftover Inventory: Every year, dealerships are left with previous year models that they need to sell. Our dealership currently has an array of 2018 Mercedes-Benz models that we need to sell to make room for our 2019 inventory. That means that we are selling our 2018 new Mercedes-Benz inventory for special rates that translate into more savings for you!

Buying a 2018 Mercedes-Benz has its own set of advantages as well. Not only will you receive a new Mercedes-Benz with the latest technology and safety features but you will get it for a competitive price. Since you are buying a new Mercedes-Benz, that also means that you will receive a warranty. This can add a bit of piece of mind to your experience because if something goes wrong then you’re likely covered. The same isn’t true for a pre-owned model! So, take advantage of our leftover 2018 Mercedes-Benz inventory before it’s too late!