Mercedes-Benz USA Relocates and Puts Down Roots

Mercedes-Benz USA has left its New Jersey headquarters to occupy a new office space in Georgia. It's currently housed in temporary office space, but expects to move into its brand new building at the beginning of 2018.

We're thoroughly enjoying videos from Mercedes-Benz USA that recognize the "unsung heroes" of its new hometown of Atlanta. These small business owners and non-profit founders are working hard to make the world a much better place, starting with their own community. Mercedes-Benz USA supports numerous local enterprises that all focus on empowering people and enriching lives.

We all could use more hope and positivity these days, so we're happy to share these inspiring messages from Mercedes-Benz USA. As members of the Sonic Automotive family, we understand the value of building up the local community. We're proud to work with a car brand that's so invested in local communities.


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